That L-Word

27 May

I hate the rain.

Some people like rain.  I don’t.  Raining means everything will be wet and muddy.  It means that the skies will be dark and everything will be gloomy.

This weekend, it rained.  It did not make me feel better in any way.

So I got out of the house for a quick drive.  Thought I could catch cute college guys in the nearby café, but ended up being surrounded by couples (UGH).  Which got me thinking, and thinking some more, making my weekend all the more depressing.

Fuck love.  Seriously.  I’m glad in works for some people.   If you’re in love and in a perfect relationship…good for you.  Congratulations.  I hope you don’t piss each other off halfway and feel like you’re just in it because you can’t do any better.

Because, in reality, YOU CAN’T.  That is the best you can do.  If you’re thinking that there’s someone out there who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated (you know, like you’re the Ventolin to their asthma).  If you think that there’s someone who will understand you and all your quirks.  Someone who will love you for who you are… HAHAHAHA I hate to break this to you, but no.  No one else will put up with you but the person you are with RIGHT NOW.

So toughen up.  Take all the shit they give you.  Shouting match everyday?  Take it.  Hates holding you hand? Accept it.  Makes fun of you and your passions?  Love them anyway.

Because you’re probably just as bad as they are, and hey.  They’re still there.  Annoying as fuck, but they’re still there.  And they still love you.

So hang on to your bitches, people.  Chances are, you won’t find anyone else.


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