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I miss being smart

11 Jan

I haven’t written in so long.  I’m putting my brain, and my good friend to shame.  


Smartest Girl, pft.  I wish.


2012 is making me overthink all over again.  Overthinking my life, overanalyzing my situation , overreacting to everyone’s opinion and overestimating my capabilities.  


I’m thisclose to putting an end to some aspects of my life and continuing with a handful of them.  I’m realizing how much I’m missing my work blown up on the big screen.  I miss writing words that make people cry.  I just miss using my brain, and I miss throwing around ideas, ideologies and crazy strategies.  I don’t know what i’m looking for in my life, but i’m afraid if I keep on doing what i’m doing my brain is going to explode.


I was made for a 9-5.  I’m a creature of habit, I like routines.  I like dull moments, I like silence.  


I’m tired of being shallow, i’m tired of my half-assed jokes.  I’m tired of my pathetic wordplay…i’m just tired.


I know i’m better than this.