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27 Feb

It’s been a while since I posted here, my own fault too.  I have at least 3 unfinished posts that I didn’t publish because 1.  I ran out of things to say 2.  I had to finish work and 3.  I was too lazy.  I’m still trying to figure out how to properly posts pictures on my entries, but i’m finding it a little difficult.  So I guess i’d have to entertain you in words.

I went to Singapore with Misha two weeks ago.  Hoooo boy.  I’m used to being babied by my mom and sister when I travel, they take care of my boarding passes, immigration cards, tickets…everything.  All I need to do is follow them around the city and shop.  I think they’ve just surrendered to the fact that I am hopeless when it comes to directions, and forgetful when it comes to loose paper things (like boarding passes, passports, terminal fee…)  Unfortunately, my boyfriend is one of those no-bullshit people and baby-ing me simply won’t do.  He refused to hold all my travel documents, fill out my forms and buy my train tickets.  He dictated our train route and made me press the buttons regardless of how much I whined.  I don’t wanna, I’m hot, I’m hungry, are we there yet? What’s taking so long? It’s too loud in here! Where are you? I’m sleepy, I’m hungry, Can you ask them where this is?

and now FRINGE got me all distracted!