Hello, Happy Hanson Day!

7 May

So it was yesterday.  But I needed a title for this thing while I wait for my Dad to pick me up.

Since i’ve been following the Secret religiously, and i’m on this “positivity” high, I decided, that for once, I will write about happy things!  Also, I read my LJ and it tired me out.  Like literally.  I felt like someone was screaming at me for a good hour while I read my exploits back i college.

Or maybe it’s the constant talk about my thesis.  And the budding romance that you need to read between the lines for.

Which I can honestly say is hilarious at best.  I don’t feel sad or bad about it all.  It’s a learning experience and at 20, I can chalk it up to ~young love~ (except for the other one from Feb 2005 down, that one was just plain disgusting, i’m not singing any songs or writing about any of that shit, and you can tell because all I talked about was being single and not lamenting what we had).

Anyway, I am never going back to that.  

I’m pretty happy where I am now.  I like the freedom.  I like meeting new and exciting people.  I like that I can stay until late at work without having to worry about anyone’s schedule or dates.

Like, I genuinely enjoy pretend-hitting on my office “crush”.  No guilt about it all.  At least I get to practice my spit game on him. 

I enjoy this new relationship I am having with alcohol.  And how my friends are training me to be able to stay up late.  How they’re trying to “support” me through this all with constant night lakads and tolerating my sudden bursts of immaturity (while I tolerate theirs!)

On Sunday we’re going to have a picnic.  Tomorrow I’m going to panic-buy booze before the alcohol ban.

I’m beginning to let go of my “I want everything yesterday”, my feeling of entitlement and insecurities.  Hell, today i’m wearing crazy printed tights with hearts and bears.  I look like a toddler and I don’t give a flying fuck.

I am genuinely a better person and It feels wonderful.  I feel like dancing to 90’s songs but i’m too lazy to get up.

I even think that I look good.  Considering that I dropped 10lbs from not eating for 2 months.  That red lipstick makes me look like a pin-up girl.  I’m beginning to come to terms with the fact that my hair will take at least two years to grow back.  That I need to buy this bra in all colours because it makes my boobs look uh-mazing.  Oh, my favorite part of being single?

I can now devote all my love and my time to Hanson.

Happy Hanson Day Motherfuckers!



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