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My Girl-Girl-friends

13 May

For some reason, the whole break-up gave me a sense of entitlement to be angry and immature.  It gave me the right to listen to angry songs because now I can relate.  Being miserable is making me happy.  It doesn’t make any sense, but I haven’t been making much sense lately.  But if it’s helping me cope, then I’ll take it.

I’m happier now.  I’m laughing so much more and really meaning it.  I’m getting to know myself better; irrational, spontaneous (LIE!!!) and nonsensical most of the time.  But my friends, my dear, dear, friends, accept me for all the bullshit I spit out.

I mean, these people let my dog vomit on them.  That’s amazing.   They lovingly wiped his drooling mouth with my underwear (unused) without bitching.  THAT’S LOVE.

They don’t get mad at me when I get lost in Panadacan or Paco or whatever ghetto Manila street we end up in. 

They listen to me rant about the most immature things and let me sing Wicked songs at the top of my lungs without telling me to shut up.  They tolerate my torpe-ness to the guys they (attempt) to set up with me because I’ve got no game.

So Helga, Triccie and Sam, this one’s for you girls

 I love you!