The Office

20 Jul

I’ve been going through some tough shit lately.

 But I’m in a new job, in a new company, in a new country.  Everything is new.  But the whole Sanya Coo is same old, same old.

 Happy, “funny”, “witty”, “bordering stupid” is the name of the game.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being employed, it’s nobody wants a depressed officemate.

 Misery loves company, they say.  I am not about to bring anyone down in my downward spiral to depression.  My boss doesn’t need to know (or at least see) just how miserable I am.  In short: save your drama for your momma.

 A sad officemate can be a bit of a bummer, i’ve learned to keep my personal life at an arms length when I enter the office.  Everyone is working hard, everyone is going through their own shit.  Bills need to be paid, episodes need to be shot, one glum looking employee is all it takes to throw you off balance.  Not that you should expect your seatmate to care about what’s happening with your life, but I believe it’s common courtesy to let them do what they need to do without seeing your miserable face.

 You are here to work, you are not being paid to sulk or cry or look out in the distance and zone out in your sadness.  You are here for one thing and one thing only: to deliver.

 I have literally perfected this, and at times, I am so good that I am able to convince myself that I am truly 100% happy.  Which makes going to the office such a relief sometimes.  Working has been an escape to whatever shit I am dealing with, and I embrace it.

 I guess my way of dealing with things is a little toxic for my health.  But if you’re getting health coverage, then go on ahead and put on a happy face.  You owe your company that.  They hired you to be productive; to not bring the morale down, so go on and smile until it kills you…at least you’re being paid for it!



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