OFW Life

11 Jun

I never really thought the day will come where I will have to move away from my family, my comfort zone (aka wherever I know how to drive and if I don’t know, it will be my drivers problem) and our house maid.  In short, I never considered a life outside of Manila in the near future.  Plans of living overseas were always one of those “when I get married and i’m rich” options.  Besides, my family and my friends are in Manila.

But here I am, first day of work for a production company in First World Singapore.

People will think “WTF it’s only Singapore, everyone is in bloody Singapore” and it’s true.  There is a swarm of Filipinos here, I don’t even have to look far. BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE.  So what if madaming Pinoy?  They’re not going to cook for me, they’re not going to drive me to places, they’re not my dad, my sister, Misha, Helga, Sam, Marz, Babe, Jewels… they’re not MY Pinoy.

I have a lot of growing up to do, it seems!



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