Being lazy

12 Oct

Oh my god, as usual I flake out on my Blog project after 5 posts.  Typical!

Last week was tiring as F!  Started the weekend with a party for one of Superman’s friends and ended with, well, sleep, I think.  One event per weekend is enough for me.  I find staying up late, will require me to sleep in, which shortens the day that I have to roam around the city AKA shopping.

Spent Saturday gorging on Sausages (that’s what she said!) at the Mabuhay Germany Event.  I had Currywurts, potatoes, pretzels and cup after cup after cup of beer.  Oh beer, why are you so good?

I’d post a picture, but i’m too lazy to extract it from my phone as well.

I’m gaining weight like crazy because I’ve been eating like an absolute pig these past few months.  I wonder when i’ll be able to haul-ass and go to the gym again? The last time I attempted to jog, I nearly blacked out and my body hurt like crazy for the whole week.

Here’s a little random tidbit about me: I hate kids and I hate noise.  I drive in silence, and i’m kicking myself for spending my corporate paychecks on an Ipod Touch that I hardly ever use for music.

Instead, I play Tiny Tower until the wee (geddit? Tiny Tower?  Wee?) hours of the morning, and wake up at 4 am to restock and build another floor.  Since i’m still asleep and groggy, I end up pressing random buttons and end up having waaaay too many residential units and a handful of unemployed, open mouthed, whiny bitizens.

Looking forward to Friday, not because of the weekend, but because of Jersey Shore.



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