The curse of the chemo bangs

13 Sep

Last week, I gave my permed hair its first shampoo.  What do you know, that must be some potent chemicals that they put in because it turned out looking okay!

here are my geisha lips to celebrate my hair surviving its first shampoo.

Note to self:  Never wear that outfit because it makes me look like a middle-aged librarian.

Having curly hair is kind of a bitch, it’s slightly high maintenance, but my straight hair was as well.  The only difference is that I have to use special hair products to retain its volume and make sure it doesn’t dry and frizz (or risk the danger of it looking like an afro).  So I bought all these crazy fair trade hair products from Human Heart Nature.  I am a distributor by the way, I figured with the amount of shampoo and conditioner i’ll be buying, I might as well hawk it).  I interchange HHN products with they yellow L’Oreal shampoo just to confuse my hair a bit.  I’ll probably do a review on which HHN products I love to use (you know, just in case anyone there is interested in ordering from me!) but i’ll save it for a rainy day.

Unlike the red hair, I could shampoo my hair on a daily basis (I think!) as long as I don’t comb it all the way through.  Which I do anyway, because my curls are lose enough and snap back to its “dreadlocks” clump (my boyfriends’ words, not mine) after a while.  A bad hair day usually calls for a cute headband, since the curls fall the exact same way every day, I don’t really need to style it as much.

Day 3 of shampooing, my hair looked like this:

Friday! Friday!

Holding up pretty well, if I say so myself!  No facial shot (hahhaha) because I wasn’t feeling particularly presentable that day.  WHY you ask? Because the night before that, I did


I DO NOT KNOW WHY.  My initial reason was because of the length.  Obviously, they didn’t curl my fringe.  But I noticed that my they were long enough to be the same length to where the curls started.  In my head that was wrong, and looked really tacky (HUH?) So I decided to cut it again. I tried to do all sorts of stuff to it just to make sure I don’t end up looking like I have chemo-bangs.


WHAT THE HELL!!! I made sure not to cut it wet, and not to cut it too short.  I made sure it was above my eyebrows.  But I think I went a little crazy with the cute comb-like scissors.  So I had really short layers as well as long hair.  I do not understand! I do not understand!  why do I think I will magically have the talent for hair-cutting?  Did I think third time’s a charm?  Because this is the 5th time I cut my hair and ended up looking like an idiot.  When.  Will.  I.  Ever.  Learn.

Monday Shame

So now I have to constantly wear a headband, and hairspray it to make sure the hair stays in place.  I tell myself occasionally “hair grows back” which gets old after the 4th time you’ve botched up your hair.


I am not happy with my hair, and I am not happy with my face.  I am not happy at all.

Oh well, at least I get to shop for hairbands.


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