1 Sep

I’ve always wanted to take part in something greater.  I feel that my shuttling from home to the office or home to the mall has left me a little (okay a LOT) jaded.  I throw (the little) money (I have) at my problems and buy my happiness away in the form of shoes, clothes and useless shit I find at the mall.  It’s fleeting, I guess.

Isn’t it obvious? I’m stalling.  I’m trying to arrive to my point without mentioning names or events in my life.  Because this time, it isn’t about ME, it’s about YOU!


I know it’s in bloody text language, but the story behind this question, and this cause is cute.  So cute that I wished I thought of it myself.  But I didn’t, so I’ll just be a missionary (pun intended, but not always) and help spread the word.

Imagine just one question is enough to make a difference.  Everyone suffers from some form of depression, may it be clinical or just a bad breakup, low grades, low pay, bad review, shitty thesis, annoying adviser… the list goes on.    ANYWAY, we’re all sad sometimes,  some more than others.  For some they just need to let it all out, someone to talk to, someone to notice.  For me, just asking me if I was OK? is enough to shine a little light on my otherwise cloudy day.  It’s those little things that can bring about big changes!

So, there, R U OK? is a non-profit Organization that supports the prevention of depression, and in severe cases, the s-word.  What’s the S-Word?  You know what it is.

Yes, I am okay 😀

The organization will encourage you along with the people around you to take part in reconnecting with people.  May it be your workmates, your friends, your classmates.  It tells you to be nicer basically (I should take my own advice, imagine what a better place this world could be) and to reconnect with people before it’s too late.  I’m not saying that you should go around thinking everyone is depressed and on the brink of jumping, but that’s the case, people who need help, the ones who really are in need on someone, something, I DON’T KNOW, but those who are thisclose to calling it quits—they’ll never let you know, and you’ll never find out until you ask.  Sometimes you don’t even find out, but the sincerity of the question “R U OK?” can sometimes, God I am hoping it is, be enough to make them realize, hey, there is still good in this world and somebody cares.

It’s reaching out to people, it’s reconnecting, it’s not going to solve poverty of find the cure for cancer, but it can save and better people’s lives.  It’s such a small thing for a huge cause, just one question can change someone’s life, think about it.  It’s brilliant. There’s no “greater power” involved in this, no religion, no creed, no race, it’s your humanity at work.

It’s just you, a smile and a question.

I’m getting excited and teary eyed.  Advertising wise, I LOVE how they came up with the big idea and the tagline.  It’s short, sweet and straight to the point.  You want people to listen, then market your cause in a way that people WILL.  That’s why I summoned up the courage to email the head of the RUOK organization in Australia to ask if there’s any way we could bring it here in the Philippines.  Rebecca, the Project Manager replied and said “yes, of course, why not?”

All we need to do if bring awareness to the cause, set a date, discuss, and disseminate!   I mean, it’s not a huge rally, or a prayer meeting, we don’t need to get permits to ask “R U OK?”, right?  That’s why it’s perfect, it’s personal and it works!  Unfortunately,  I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS BUT I WANT TO DO THIS. Point number one is because i’m not a genuinely nice person, and if I want this to work, then I’d have to actually CARE.  So I guess it’s a two-way street, we can care for each other, and learn how to care for others as well.  It’s starting small, and I like it.  Baby steps.

Who wants to join?  just send me an email at pedofail@gmail.com (not the most politically correct email add, i’m sorry), and let’s see how we can help each other out!

So, R U OK?



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