Sick leaves are made of these

19 Aug

This blog is the spawn of two days of no work due to the flu.  The blogspot was pretty short lived, having only 3 posts, thanks to the jejeURL gl0balranting with a zero.

Back to the usual programming!

It’s bloody Quezon City day which I only found out when I got to the bank.  Since I lost my wallet last month, I’ve been relying on old school withdrawal method (pun intended in so many ways), going to my main payroll bank and getting money from there.  I don’t understand why I just don’t withdraw the whole amount (because i’ll just spend it all in one go).

Anyway, so I drive all the way there for lunchbreak, only to be told that it’s a Holiday.  Sucks because I’ve maxed out my credit card and I planned to use the withdrawn money to pay for my bill AND have a little left over for a Friday night drink with friends.  Don’t get any cool clubbing ideas of me in a mini-skirt and plunging neckline with heels.  Um, no.  Drinking means literally drinking; pale pilsen from a Tatay bottle in a seedy dirty tatay place with my college friends.  It’s not as glamorous as it sounds, really.

But today, I only have P80.00 in my (new) wallet, which isn’t even enough to get you buzzed.  ARGH, I made sure NOT to take any medicine the whole time I had the flu so that I could drink on Friday night.  Well, you know, Priorities are priorities.

My lunch is a 5-day fish dish that I heated from the fridge.  Thank God i’m still clogged, because my stomach is feeling a little uneasy.


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